A trusted leader in Test and Balance Engineering for over 30 years

Independence Matters...

The Phoenix Agency of NC is an independent firm focused on Test and Balance Engineering - maintaining no associations with manufacturers, sales representatives, vendors, or contractors in the HVAC systems and equipment sector. 

...But Teamwork Counts

Collaboratively works with a diverse range of clients including building owners, design professionals, general contractors, mechanical contractors, and commissioning agents. Our commitment is to provide tailored services that meet the unique needs and specifications of each project, ensuring high-quality, efficient solutions across various project types.

Where we work


Our expertise ensures that critical environments within pharmaceutical facilities maintain optimal performance and compliance with stringent industry standards. Focusing on precision, safety, and efficiency to support the unique needs of pharmaceutical operations. 


In the realm of healthcare, our experience is backed by in-house specialists well-versed in Joint Commission standards and other healthcare accreditation requirements. We focus on delivering thorough system validation and precise environmental control ensuring that healthcare facilities maintain critical safety, efficiency, and regulatory compliance.


We also serve various venues including office buildings, retail centers, restaurants, universities, and entertainment complexes. Our team specializes in tailoring our approach to suit the distinct requirements of each space, ensuring optimal system performance for energy efficiency, occupant comfort, and regulatory adherence.